The Perfect Weapon

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Written: ©1991 by Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D.
Last Published: ©2020
ISBN: 9798639069987

Believers are not only sons and servants of God, but soldiers. Only the full armor of God will equip us for "last days" confrontations with the enemy.

Christians worldwide struggle daily in a three-fold conflict with the world, the flesh and the devil.

Many simply experience one defeat after another.
Hasn't God overcome all of our foes?
Doesn't the Bible speak of our being "more than conquerors?"

What's Wrong?

In this book, Dr. Joseph Kostelnik reveals the real truth about our only offensive weapon.

Discover within its pages:

  • A Prophetic Vision Given To President George Washington
  • The Real Identity Of The "Sword Of The Spirit" (it's not the Bible!)
  • Undiscovered Truths About Spiritual Warfare That Work!