"Seven Signs "

When it comes to raising the dead, perspective is everything!

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Speaker: Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D.

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Recorded: 12/14/2011
Scripture Text(s): John 11:32-44( John 11:32-44, World English Bible [WEB])
Keywords: Mary, Rev. 1:17, tomb, cry, wail, mourn, death, loss, remorse, judgment, compassion, emotion, Rev. 18:15, Lord, Lazarus, Martha, Jesus, Jews, groaned, weeping, Euripides, Mt. 9:30, Mark 1:30, blind, leper, Mark 14:15, Spirit, supernatural, indignant, tears, Satan, satanic, John G. Lake, Father, prayer, Peraea, Mark 11:22-24, Josh. 10:12.