"The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving"

Are we sacrificing praise...when we give thanks even when we don't 'feel like it?'

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Speaker: Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D.

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Recorded: 11/27/2011
Scripture Text(s): Psalms 54:6.With a free will offering, I will sacrifice to you. I will give thanks to your name, Yahweh, for it is good. (Psalms 54:6., World English Bible [WEB])
Keywords: burnt, trespass, sin, offering, Yahweh, blood, animals, God, sinful, Jesus, Cross, peace, resurrection, Edersheim, Rev. 3:20, gratitude, Pentecost, Lev. 23:19, 1 Kings 8:63, Rom. 12:1-2, free-will offering, enemies, prayer, praise, David, Ziphites, Saul, sin, sickness, Satan, mountains, questions, problems, burdens, debts, marriages, relationships, ministries, bondages, Heb. 13:15, extol, duty, delight, worship, work