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Dr. Joseph Kostelnik has written over 20 books, to build up and encourage the Body of Christ and to witness to those seeking the truth. He and others in his church have also preached and recorded over 3,000 Bible teachings over the years at his church. Enjoy the Spirit-filled teachings in these books and audio messages by freely downloading them or purchasing a hard copy.

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Prophetic Voice Publications primarily depends upon the giving of the members of its local church, White Oak Chapel, in order to make this material available. However, your gifts help make up the difference and are your testimony that you are being blessed and built up through the Holy Spirit's ministry through us.

Gospel Truth Ministries has been tasked by God with teaching believers the truths of God since its inception as a ministry. For many years of its existence, it has also overseen a local congregation of believers (White Oak Chapel), also pastored by its founder, Dr. Joseph Kostelnik.

As church membership has risen and fallen over the years, we continue to depend upon the support of those outside the church to whom we are ministering.

Most recently, we have not been able to keep up with our budget, because of lower giving from our church members. We must trust God to lead His people outside our local church, the ones who are blessed by these outreaches such as yourself, that they would give sacrificial offerings so that we are able to continue ministering.

Apart from a miracle, we will not be able to continue what we are doing unless those outside of our congregation begin to give in return for what they are being taught (Galatians 6:6-10).

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Several companies allow donating a percentage of their income to charities, and you can take advantage of that to support us with your online usage!

Below are a few ways you can benefit us by your web searches or purchases. You must begin with the links below in order for us to be supported, so please bookmark the links for the future too!

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If you wish to regularly contribute to this work, to help us with our weekly and monthly bills created to do this work of free distribution of material, you may use PayPal's subscription feature. This will automatically send us a monthly gift from your PayPal account. You may set up PayPal to use your checking/savings account or a credit card, whenever your balance with them is zero.

This will help us to meet our weekly and monthly budgets, consisting of Internet service, printing costs, etc. You will be directly helping us overturn our deficit as we continue to provide the majority of our material at no cost to the recipient. All gifts to our ministry our fully tax-deductible as charitable gifts under U.S. federal income tax law.

Our primary option is the small monthly amount of US$3. While probably an insignficant amount to you as an individual, if a significant amount of our readers/listeners partnered with us for this amount monthly, it would have a tremendous impact on our day-to-day operations.

If you have another amount in mind, for a monthly donation, we welcome that as well. Please seek the Holy Spirit about what He would have you do, and we can both be assured all things will work out for good.


One-Time Gifts

If you appreciate this spiritual service, also consider giving a one-time, tax-deductible offering to help pay for our costs of Internet service, equipment, printing, recording material, time, postage and packing. The apostle Paul affirmed this truth:

"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. However you did well that you shared in my affliction. You yourselves also know, you Philippians, that in the beginning of the Gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no assembly shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving but you only. For even in Thessalonica you sent once and again to my need" (Philippians 4:13-16).

As the apostle says, often few assemblies of believers will minister to the apostle, evangelist or teacher, and he is dependent upon God. But they can share in his work--and therefore in his blessings--by helping provide for his needs (Matthew 10:41).

We also testify with Paul,

"Not that I seek for the gift, but I seek for the fruit that increases to your account" (Philippians 4:17).

As Dr. Kostelnik teaches and testifies through his books and ministry courses, giving in faith toward the work of the Lord is honored by the Lord, and you will certainly reap if you do not faint (Galatians 6:6-10). According to the measure that we give to others, so it will be measured back to us.

Postal Mail

You may send your gifts via postal mail, whether through personal or cashier's check or money order. Because of the risk of theft in the mail, we do not recommend sending cash.

Send your offerings to:

Gospel Truth Ministries

Gospel Truth Ministries
P.O. Box 1885
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If you would like to give over the Internet, you may use PayPal to send us an offering by simply clicking the button below.

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They charge us a fee of approximately 3% on gifts received this way, so please use this as a secondary option in order for your gift to have the maximum impact and benefit.

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If you live in a country that is not supported by PayPal, or where it is difficult to get a csahier's check made in US dollars, you may look for a Western Union (preferred) or MoneyGram office, where you can wire your donation to us.

Please have the gift made payable to Joseph Kostelnik in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and then email or write us with the confirmation number, and we will let you know when it is received.

Reader Testimonials

Prayer in the Spirit: The Missing Link

I am a ordained Pastor, who has been searching for the answer to the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" question for some time. My wife is spirit-filled and I have experienced some of the fire of what could only be expressed as "the anointing." However, it was not until today that I totally sold out to the idea of the "baptism".

I read your book "Prayer in the Spirit: The Missing Link", and God finally showed me that one can be thoughtful, analytical, even scholarly and still believe in an experiencial phenomenon like Speaking in Tongues. I have enrolled in your courses and will be completing your diplomas shortly.

Please pray for me as I try to lead others in my ministry to the realizations God has showed me.


Jeff Thackston
Ofallon, MO United States of America
יהוה, Yahweh, Yahueh, Yahuweh, Yahuah, YHWH, YHVH, IHVH, JHVH, JHWH, Jehovah, Yehovah, Yehowah, Tetragrammaton, אהיה אשׁר אהיה, εγω ειμι ο ων, I AM, I EXIST, I WAS, I WILL BE, I CAUSE TO BECOME, I BECOME, Hayah, Ehyeh, Ehyah, Ego Eimi, O On, AHYH, `HYH, Father, Abba, Avi, πατηρ, Patera, πατερ, πατερα, Patros, πατρος, God, θεος, θεου, Theos, Divine, Divinity, Deity, אלהים, Elohim, אל, El, אלוה, Eloah, Lord, Master, Adonai, Adon, Kyrios, κυριος, κυριου, יהושׁע ,יהושׁוע, Yahushua, ישוע, Yehoshua, Y`hoshua, Y'hoshua, Yahshua, Yeshua, Y`shua, Y'shua, Yeshu, Y'shu, Jesus, ιησουν, ιησουσ, ιησου, Christ, χριστοσ, χριστου, Anointed One, Messiah, Mashiach, Moshiach, Son, υιος, Holy Spirit, רו�-, Ruach, הקדש, HaKodesh, πνευμα, αγιος, Spirit of God, Bible, Tanakh, Tanach, Word of God, Hebrew, Greek, discipleship, learning, spirituality, Christian, Christianity, religion, real experiences, wonders, miracles, signs, Truth, Full Gospel, full-gospel, Good News, Good Message, charismatic, non-denominational, pentecostal, meaning of life, prophecy, prophetic, endtimes, end times, last days, five-fold, ministry, training, free, freely available, freely downloadable, free download, stream, streaming audio, online, teaching, preaching, evangelism, discipleship, deaconate, writings, books, publications, courses, audio, MP3, MP3s, audio sermons, audio messages, Gospel Truth Ministries, Prophetic Voice Publications, Prophetic Voice Institute, White Oak Chapel, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Dr. Joseph Kostelnik, Rev. Joseph Kostelnik, persecution, rapture, tribulation, pre-trib, pre-tribulation, post-trib, post-tribulation, mid-trib, mid-tribulation, preterism, preterist, millennial, millenialist, seven years, 7 years, millennium, Jacob's trouble, judgment, judgement, wrath, anger, blessing, reward, Second Coming, parousia, παρουσια, Advent, Appearing, epiphania, epiphaneia, επιφανεια, manifestation, return, support, finance, gift, donation, offering, seed, sow, harvest, reap, blessing, give, giving, receiving, sowing, tax-deductible, tax deductible, freely available, freely downloadable, in return, support, finance, gift, donation, offering, seed, sow, harvest, reap, blessing, give, giving, receiving, sowing, tax-deductible, tax deductible, freely available, freely downloadable, in return, support, finance, gift, donation, offering, seed, sow, harvest, reap, blessing, give, giving, receiving, sowing, tax-deductible, tax deductible, freely available, freely downloadable, in return